Add mobile loyalty to your organization with Paycloud!

Other “mobile wallet” technologies will require phone upgrades for customers and equipment upgrades for business owners, but Paycloud® is different. Paycloud is a free “mobile wallet” application available today to all iPhone and Android smartphone users, that will fit perfectly into your existing “point of sale” environment.

Simple to Use

After downloading the app, your customers can instantly view and join your merchant gift and loyalty programs. With just one touch, consumers can gain access to valuable coupons, discounts, and deals.

Real-Time Updates

For the first time, customers can access their reward and loyalty programs on the go to check their reward status, see what premiums they’ve earned, and view the latest merchant coupons and promotions.

No Cards Required

Paycloud engages the mobile generation that does not carry a wallet and, at the same time, coexists with traditional plastic loyalty cards.

Easy to Get Found

The Paycloud application will display participating merchants within the consumer’s GPS footprint and drive newly registered customers in the door.

Push Promotional Messages & Rewards

Special offers & rewards can be pushed to registered users, through the Paycloud application.

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